EDA participates in the WATEC Group, which was very positively received by the participants


Johan D’Hooghe, on behalf of the European Demolition Association, participated in the WATEC Group, the International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee, that was held in Vienna, from April 2 to 5.

EDA was invited by the International Atomic Energy Agency to take part in this selective group to give their perspective on how the association can get more involved in nuclear energy.

Adaptation to the IAEA-standards will allow EDA to add the nuclear to the portfolio of its members and start using the highest standards in the jobs.

EDA’s involvement through this workgroup would create a major benefit for those contractors willing to engage in the nuclear, because the association could provide its experience about how the job needs to be done.

EDA’s future in nuclear energy looks promising, but it requires a huge workload in the coming years, to study all the documentation and prepare the workers in the sector for the new challenges.