EDA was in the NDA’s Annual Convention


The National Demolition Association (NDA) hosted Demolition Austin, the NDA Annual Convention & Expo held in Austin, Texas. The president of EDA, Mr. Francisco Cobo, attended to event on behalf of the association.

Comparing this convention to the past editions, the convention has grown Live DEMO from 16 participants and 24 pieces of machinery, to 20 participants and 30 pieces of machinery.

This year the NDA had over 940 attendees and the keynote speaker, Seth Mattison, was a huge success. His presentation gave importance to the workforce trends to engage the team for success. During this convention, OSHA also gave and update, an overview on workers compensation benefits and an overall opinion on the MATOC program from USACE.

The NDA also had an exciting evening at the Awards Gala. Michael J. Casbon Safety Award introduced the event with a brief introduction, then the awards had place, six Hall of fame inductees, three Excellence in Demolition Award winners, Lifetime Achievement and 11 scholarships awarded.

The winners of the Michael J. Casbon Safety Award were Adamo Group, Cherry Companies and Independence Demolition. Hall of Fame inductees were Bob and Susan Baumann, Bill Gumbiner, Walt Reeves, Saul Specter and Bob Stuppy.

The 2021 winners in the Excellence in Demolition Award were Stryker Demolition & Environmental Services, LLC, Alpine Demolition Services and Veit & Company Inc. Finally, this year’s Lifetime Achievement award goes to Jon A. Manafort.