In 2022, we will meet again at our Annual Convention


  • With the return to normality, we can confirm that EDA will once again hold its traditional Annual Convention in 2022.

Little by little, as vaccination progresses and the health situation improves, normality returns to our lives. And with that normality comes the return of re-encounters.

One of the ones we are particularly looking forward to will take place next June 2022. As approved by the General Assembly, EDA will once again hold its traditional Annual Convention.

On this occasion, the convention will be held in Paris in the second week of June, specifically between June 9 and 11.

Of course, this event will follow all the security measures that will mark the situation in which we find ourselves in September 2022, being a safe space for all attendees.

We meet again, to share moments, experiences and knowledge and to talk in person, without screens in between.

The preparations for the event we’ve been waiting for begin!