Interested in asbestos removal?


  • EDI holds a webinar on asbestos next September 15th. Will you join us?

Any date is a good time to continue learning. On this occasion, we propose a webinar that you won’t be able to say no to. Because asbestos and its removal are of great interest to all demolition professionals. Who doesn’t want to know more about it?

Next September 15, starting at 3pm (Brussels Time, CET), EDI, the European Decontamination Institute, is holding the webinar ‘Removal of asbestos from pavements and vertical surfaces’. A session led by Mr. Patrick Grandchamp, from BLASTRAC.

In this session, the speaker will explain what asbestos removal consists of and how it is performed on pavements and vertical surfaces, as well as present a series of case studies and review the existing European standards.

Participation in this webinars is completely free for all attendees, they just need to register in advance because the number of participants is limited (registrations will be accepted in strict order of entry).