The last meeting Construction 2020 has the participation of EDA


The European Demolition Association participated in the seventh meeting of the High Level Tripartite Strategic Forum on Construction 2020 (4 April 2019, Brussels), under the topic “Strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises”.

The goal of the meeting, organized by the European Commission, is to set the priority areas and actions that shall serve as the base for the future of the Strategy beyond 2020.

The participants discussed the achievements and the visibility of outcomes and gave their opinions and expertise about the initiative ‘A built environment for people’, a vision for the future of construction and the built environment.

At the meeting, the panelists talked about the possible scope of this initiative as well as their expectations, and they discussed the role and contribution from the construction sector.

The results of this meeting will reflect on a common vision for an improved EU built environment and the role and contribution from the construction sector towards this vision.