Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) from EDA perspective in the upcoming IAEA conference


Mr. Johan D’Hooghe, EDA Board member, will participate in the IAEA – International Conference on the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in Industry that will held from 19 to 23 October 2020 as Belgian government representative with a lecture under the name “Demolition and NORM: a lack of knowledge”.

The presentation will focus on the fact that NORM can appear in various projects, not necessarily known as “nuclear” projects and it is important to spread information about it because very few contractors in the industry are aware of Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.

To get an overview of this matter, Johan D’Hooghe will interview in the next month not only contractors with experience on NORM but also the Belgian nuclear authority (FANC).

This is the first conference on NORM organized by the IAEA, and it will build upon inputs provided by different events already organized by the international community with a focus on industry.

The objective of the conference is to foster the sharing of experiences in the management of NORM waste and residues in industrial operations with the aim of contributing to the harmonization of approaches and the adoption of good practices that are both cost-effective and safe, and take into consideration the protection of the public and workers.

The conference will explore the good practices that have been put in place worldwide and bring together different players to identify current issues and expected future challenges and possible strategies for dealing with them.

Although the conference will focus on industrial operations, it will consider the latest technological developments and research work, considering regulatory requirements and safety aspects.