OMINI carries out the demolition Morandi Bridge


The Demolition Joint Venture leaded by F.lli Omini S.p.A. has demolished on Friday 28 th June at 9:37 a.m. the two remaining towers of the MORANDI HIGHWAY BRIDGE located in central Genoa that collapsed last year, killing 43 people.

F.lli Omini with the Joint Venture Team of engineers has set a series of controlled explosions that in six seconds brought down the nearly 91 meters-tall concrete towers.

More than 550 kilograms of explosives were packed into the towers’ pylons. Demolition experts leaded by F.lli Omini had prepared the site using huge swimming-pools created with new-jersey hedges with the purpose to keep away the concrete dust and to prevent the spreading across the neighborhood. The result has been water walls tall more 45 meters, on two levels (the first from 0 meters to 45 meters and the second one from 45 meters to the top); goal reached!

So, after months of meticulous planning, 50.000 tonnes of concrete and metal were brought crumbling to the ground in few seconds.

The towers fell correctly and thank to the studies of mitigation measures, that have used also cannons-fog and agricultural sprinklers with a water swing 12 meters long, was snuffed almost the 100 per cent of the dust.

In addition, F.lli Omini has studies vibrations mitigation measures preparing the landing site creating pillows 6 meters tall of inert material to absorb the fall.

This type of demolition using explosives and water has never been tried on this scale, especially in a city center and on a deteriorated and unstable structure, as Morandi Bridge.

F.lli Omini is working on this Project from January 19 th., the explosion is only the last part of a more complex project that includes the securing with the strand-jacks technologies by Fagioli, the mechanic demolition, the demolition with diamond wire, the cleaning and the dismantling.

In the Project are involved more than 150 workers and engineers of the Demolition Joint Venture composed by F.lli Omini (company leader of the JV), Fagioli, Ipe Progetti and Ireos.