Get to know more about the Guide about End-of-life of industrial facilities


  • This guide will be published in February 2022 and will be available in online and printed versions.

As we have already anticipated, EDA is working, through a dedicated working group for contractors and engineering companies, on the development of the Guide about End-of-life of industrial facilities.

This publication will bring together the experience and knowledge of specialised companies, showing that they play an important role as partners of the facility owners, such as power plants, nuclear plants, chemical, oil and gas facilities…

Addressed to professionals linked to these sectors, especially end-users and asset owners that are in charge of industrial facilities, its main objectives are to guide facility owners with the steps to take when facing a scheduled deactivation or an unexpected event; to highlight the main challenges and risks, as well as the steps and solutions; and to highlight the relevance of working with professionals to deliver a successful project.