REFORMA, new member of EDA


The group of construction companies REFORMA (GCC REFORMA) is in the market of building dismantling since 1998 and is a member of Co. Ltd “Repair and Construction Group” (“RCG”) and Co. Ltd “Reforma” Construction Company (“Reforma CC”).

The company deals with the demolition of buildings and their parts, the construction waste recycling, the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, the project group (liquidation projects, environmental support projects) and the engineering systems: project preparation, production, and installation.

REFORMA is continuously improving the process of dismantling and is specialized in dismantling of complex and unique buildings and structures in several and specific areas:

  • in functioning industrial enterprises
  • buildings and structures in disrepair
  • demolition of tall buildings and structures that are located close to functioning production
  • dismantling at the dangerous productions
  • dismantling “just-in-time” when the production is stopped.

The principles governing the activity of the company are the use of advanced technologies, the optimal solution for each client, the reliable partnership and the teamwork.