Rencontre des Métiers 2019 focuses on Circular Economy


May 23rd and 24th, 300 participants and 48 exhibitors have attended SEDDRe annual Rencontre des Métiers in Nantes.

After the election of Didier Michel as President of SEDDRe for the 3 years to come, and the Innovation price attributed to SOMAS for its air ionizer system, the central topic was around Circular Economy.

In the context of a new project law in France on construction waste management, a consortium of 14 professional organizations, ranging from material producers, distributors, construction and deconstruction companies, recycling to contractors and social landlords, have produced a comprehensive study on the state of the art and made proposals.

The sector generates altogether 46 MT, outside civil works, with a 69% recycling rate, which is very near target however the situation is largely underrated and in the media our image is badly affected by uncontrolled dumpings.

The question for the authorities is therefore whether free collecting of sorted wastes would improve the situation, in total or in part, and eventually how and where to find the necessary financing for such a scheme.

These exchanges have prepared the discussions around the project law and focus on other issues such as waste diagnosis, traceability, territorial network, wastes specificities…

Less controversial were organized workshops on dust control and the presentation of a new guide for asbestos management on recycling platforms.

At last, to open up brains, Stephane Maillard lectured us all on his views for the future with the development of artificial intelligence.

But the RDM is also an opportunity for informal gatherings and visits to the very wonderful city of Nantes and the surprising machines museum.

And as good French gathering should be, accommodation, drinks and food were magnificent.

See you for our next edition on the 26th of May 2020 in Amiens!