SDA prepares its 3rd Annual Conference to showcase its expertise and its work


The Serbian Demolition Association, an EDA member, will celebrate its 3rd Annual Conference on November 29, 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia) to showcase its work and its expertise they on demolition and recycling industry.

This day-long event will feature guest speakers that will discuss themes on demolition and recycling industry to foster the exchange of experience among attendees and disseminate good practice in the sector.

The dynamic of the conference is year-by-year change of one-to two day event. This edition will take place in Sava congress centre, cultural and business center.

At the end of the day, a special dinner will be held for attendees in the Bohemian quarter of Belgrade to promote networking moments in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The companies will have the possibility to sponsor the event and get visibility for the brand among professionals in the demolition and recycling industry.