The best way to predict the future is to know the past: get the European Demolition Industry Report 2018


We are inaugurating a new year: we are facing 12 months full of budgets, decisions, challenges, …

We are not a fortune-teller, but we can provide a great tool to know the industry and to help you to make the best decision for business inbounds and abroad, in Europe.

The European Demolition Industry report 2018 gathers information from the European demolition companies and includes forecasts and specific information involving company and activity, the volume of business, the evolution of the demolition activities, investment in demolition machinery, equipment and consumables, the evolution of the workforce and business prospects.

Shortly we are going to prepare the next European Demolition Industry report (it will be the fifth edition). For now, you can purchase the 2018 report in print, online or both, and get free access to the reports from previous years for the same price.

Visit the EDA library to purchase the publication because time flies!