The conference “Enabling change and circular economy” closes the EDA Study Tour 2019


EDA Study Tour was closed with an international conference about demolition, decontamination and recycling, organized with the special collaboration of the Japan Demolition Contractors Association (JDCA) and EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

Under the name Enabling change and circular economy, the conference was about the methods and measures in Japan and Europe related to demolition, recycling, decontamination and disaster response programs.

The event was opened by Mr. Philippe de Taxis du Poet (Minister Counsellor, Delegation of European Union to Japan and EU-side General Manager of the EU-Japan CIC), followed by Mr. Francisco Cobo (EDA President) and Mr. Tahashi Inoue (JDCA President).

After these introductions and welcomes, European representatives gave their views on the industry on the European continent. Mr. José Blanco (EDA Secretary General) made an overview of the demolition industry in Europe, also explaining the work and purposes of EDA. Besides, Mr. Johan D’Hooghe (Vice president, EDA International Committee) explained the construction and demolition waste management in Europe and Mr. Patrick Frye (President, EDA International Committee) expounded the standards and regulation for DDR (demolition, decontamination and recycling) in Europe.

On the Japanese side, the interest and support of the Public Administrations was evident. For his part, Mr. Fumio Koga (Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) made a presentation about separation and recycling in Japan, followed by the explanation about disasters response programs and measures in Japan by Ms. Jyunko Nishikawa (Japanese Ministry of Environment). To close the session of the Japanese representatives, Mr. Toshio Kawakami, from Kajami Corporation), presented an explanation of the demolition methods of high-rise buildings in Japan.

Mr. Christopher Godek, President of the National Demolition Association (USA), made the closing remarks of the conference before moving on to networking to strengthen ties between Japanese and European attendees.