The Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling is almost ready


  • This publication, the first of a trilogy covering attachments, carriers and couplers, will be published this April.

The Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling, after months of work, is almost ready. It will be launched this April, being the first publication of the trilogy that will deal with attachments, carriers and couplers for demolition and recycling.

At this moment, the attachments working group, which has been in charge of elaborating the guide, in collaboration with the EDA Secretariat, is making the last changes prior to the printing of the guide.

As Gordon Hambach, coordinator of this working group, has pointed out: “the demolition and recycling industry plays a vital role towards a more suistainable world, collecting information and building up knowledge is important for our journey ahead. The newly created guide is intented to serve as a reference to make everybody familiar with the terminology and the basic handling of the most common equipment used in this field of work”. Then, he added: “I want to say special thanks the European Demolition Association for taking the initiative and all esteemed industry colleagues who contributed to this guide.”

With this guide, EDA aims to give a general overview of the attachments, explaining their basic characteristics, their functionalities, general requirements, how this equipment should be managed, how to use them in safe working conditions and the regulatory framework that is applicable.

The Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling will be available for online consultation and request of hard copies.