The PARADE project launches webinars about pre-demolition audit


IT Raw Materials Project PARADE (Best practices for Pre-demolition Audits ensuring high quality RAw materials) launches a series of webinars starting in September 2019 on “Best practices for Pre-demolition audit“.

The webinars include interesting presentations on the role of waste audit in circular economy, how to ensure safe materials from demolition, how to assess the recycling and reuse potential of construction and demolition waste and also regional aspects of C&D waste audit.

From the association, we encourage all EDA members to register for these webinars and share the information with their contacts. The registration is totally free.

The key activity in the project has been to develop supporting training material to enhance the knowledge of professionals in the sector, and especially to increase the quality of pre-demolition audits in Europe among all stakeholders in the value chain. Special focus will be on construction materials containing hazardous substances and on recyclable materials with a market value.

The educational materials are tested during 2019 and final documents will be published in December 2019. Persons registered to the webinars below will also get access to the education materials in December.

Besides the webinars (duration: 45-60 min), a seminar named “Pre-demolition audit and circular economy” will be arranged on November 19, 2019 in Brussels in connection to the EU Raw Material week.

About PARADE project

The overall aim of the PARADE project (2018-19) is to improve the management of construction and demolition waste (safe recycling), preventing unnecessary waste, maximizing value and sustainable use.

The European Demolition Association has collaborated closely on the project as a member of the Reference Group.

The project is a continuation of the DG GROW study on waste auditing, in which VTT was involved.

The project also makes benefit from the procedures of the Flemish C&DW management organization Tracimat, which is founded by the Flemish Construction Federation (VCB) and developed in close collaboration with VITO.

PARADE project is coordinated by VTT Ltd, Finland and involves following partners: VITO (Belgium), VCB (Belgium), KU Leuven (Belgium) and TU Kosice (Slovakia).