The Professional Committee Recycling and Waste Disposal of the DA initiated innovative test


  • The test has shown very positive results in the treatment of broken mixed construction waste.

It is obvious to everyone that the treatment, reuse and recycling of demolition waste is the future. And, increasingly, the present. That is why it is important to adapt or seek new technologies that allow us to carry out these activities in the most efficient and successful way possible.

In this sense, the Professional Committee Recycling and Waste Disposal, from Deutscher Abbruchverband (DA – German Demolition Association), is carrying out trials in the Test Center of the company Steinert for the re-sorting of broken mixed construction waste were carried out.

The first experiments of this kind focused on the question of whether it is possible to remove these extraneous elements from broken mixed and heavily contaminated building rubble or to separate individual fractions. The Steinert test facility offers the possibility to simulate such tests as realistically as possible. The system consists of classic magnets, non-ferrous metal separators, sensor-based sorting systems and further preparation stages. The separation of wood, plastics such as PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), minerals, black objects or floating materials such as foil or paper play a role.

The members of the Professional Committee Recycling and Waste Disposal were able to witness whether such a modern sorting system, which is not yet designed for the sorting of broken mixed construction waste, is at all capable of detecting and sorting out relevant amounts of contaminants.

And they were surprised by the good sorting results. The tests have shown that in future fractured mixed construction waste, which cannot be separated further on the construction sites and which still contains a large proportion of small-scale impurities during treatment, can be further processed in special sorting plants and removed from impurities.