The SAP’s visit to Spain


  • Finnish Asbestos and Dust Sanitation Association (SAP) visited Madrid last 29 October.
  • The Finnish and the Spanish delegation, AEDED, met to share its experiences and projects.

The Finnish Asbestos and Dust Sanitation Association (SAP) made a productive visit to the capital of Spain, Madrid, to meet its Spanish colleagues from AEDED. From 28 to 31 October, SAP members could get to know different Spanish projects of asbestos removal alongside some members of the Spanish Association of Demolition, Decontamination, Drilling and Sawing (AEDED), also member of EDA.

This meeting between national associations represents an opportunity to create bonds internationally and get inspiration from each other. These professionals of the guild discussed different case studies, learning from their experiences, and getting inspired.

This visit stimulated the union of all professionals in the sector in order to obtain better quality results in the different projects proposed.