This is how EDA´s 2021 has been like


  • This 2021 has been full of challenges and improvements for the European Demolition Association.

The Association that represents the demolition industry with its National Associations, contractors and suppliers, this year it has started to provide on-line education through specialized webinars. In this way, demolition professionals and, of course, those involved in the decontamination of hazardous substances, have shared experiences and knowledge.

Another of EDA’s strategic commitments has been the EDA Working Groups to provide a structured way of developing the organisation’s objectives. The association has worked with a total of five groups:

In all of them, in addition to producing reference documentation and promoting the guild in general,  they´ve created dissemination and formative materials such as the Guide about Construction and circular economy and the Guide about End-of-life of industrial facilities. These two publications are being translated into different languages in order to achieve a higher dissemination. Other materials to be highlighted are the European Demolition Industry Report and the Yearbook. 

To conclude this year’s review, we must remember that EDA brings back its Annual Convention. The 2022 edition of this event takes place in París from the 9th to the 11th of June, and it will be held in collaboration with SEDDRe and EDI.