Working on design for deconstruction and durability of buildings with the European Commission


European Demolition Association, EDA, participated like an active stakeholder in the working group “Sustainable use of natural resources”, organized by European Commission, to create a documentary about the ‘Principles for Design for Deconstruction’.

The meeting of the thematic group 3 “Sustainable use of natural resources”, that took place last month, focused on providing an update on policy developments, the circular economy, the energy package, the design for deconstruction and the durability of buildings.

EDA took part in the working group to highlight the importance of the creation of community guidelines and policy and to defend the interests of our members in order to keep in mind the demolition and recycling industry in the European Commission.

The association warned that our industry needs projects that enable contractors to take up circular business models, rather than projects that only show what is technically feasible.

After the meeting, the draft of the document is being reviewed and updated with the comments and feedback given by the participants.