Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling




The Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling is created with two main objectives: produce a basic and descriptive publication in question-answer format and give a general overview of the attachments, explaining their basic characteristics, their functionalities, general requirements, how this equipment should be managed, how to use them in safe working conditions and the regulatory framework that is applicable.

This descriptive guide is intended to serve as a reference document for professionals to these sectors, especially contractors and end-users who carry out activities related to demolition and/or recycling.

This publication is produced by the European Demolition Association Secretariat, with the contributions and collaboration of the members of the working group on Attachments.



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Webinar presentation

EDA has organized a new webinar to present the Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling and the Guide about Carriers for demolition and recycling.  It will take place on Wednesday, May 5th at 15.00.

Given the current situation, created by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), from EDA we are implementing a series of initiatives to continue with the dissemination of the activities and services developed by EDA members.

Participation in this webinar is completely free for all attendees, they just need to register here.



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  • Date of publication: April 2021
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